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Back Pain Relief Advice from a Driver

Hi, I’m Robert, a busy professional driver. I drive a big truck and drive long distances across the country.

My job requires a lot of sitting, bending, and lifting which causes me lots of lower back pain. I can’t sit comfortably in the seat anymore and my lower back is hurting me constantly.

It’s so frustrating and I even went to a chiropractor who gave me an expensive massage treatment and said it would get better. But it didn’t.

But, after several months of pain and suffering, I discovered a simple solution with a memory foam lumbar support pillow that reduced my pain while driving. I was completely surprised at how easy it was to get rid of my pain. Meanwhile, I started yoga at home to stretch my back. And with all these together my back is getting better and better.

Most of the time, back pain goes untreated and people just live with it. But, they should be able to take back control of their health and live life fully without getting stuck with back pain.

So, I want to help other people who suffer from back pain by sharing my experience. I want to show people that there are options available and that you don’t have to live with back pain anymore.

Contact Us if you have any back problems or want to improve your back health.




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