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Golfing With a Back Brace

In most sports, the spine is exposed to some level of pressure. So, it’s essential to maintain flexibility and strength in the ligaments and muscles that support your back. Golf is a popular sport and entertainment option for many. Nevertheless, there is a high chance of developing lower back discomfort or deteriorating the spine due to the torque and power exerted while playing golf.

Almost every sport has a professional or a coach ready to share their knowledge with others. Today, we’re going to provide you with some advice on playing golf with a back brace so that you can enjoy the game.

Coach instructing a golf player
Coach instructing a golf player

Can Golf Cause Back Pain?

Golf-related injuries frequently cause upper and lower back pain. Repetitive actions in golf can lead to muscle and disc problems. When you swing the golf club, your back is exposed to pressures that can cause injury to muscles and discs, which could also lead to lower and upper back discomfort and other symptoms.

The lower back is not the only part of the body impacted by golf-related pain. The middle back and upper back pain can also develop without indication due to golfing. The most frequent causes of back discomfort among golfers are incorrect swing techniques. Therefore, if you want to avoid a back injury, you need to take precautionary measures quickly.

A man swinging his golf club

Can You Play Golf Wearing a Back Brace?

There’s a common misconception that back braces are only meant to be worn in the event of an injury. It can, however, also be used to prevent injuries from occurring. Back braces relieve the muscular strain by providing support to your back. It can also trigger an alert not to perform a specific movement or flex.

Back Braces will keep you from straining your back muscles while allowing you to function at your best. It is more convenient to play golf while using a back brace if you have back pain. It is sturdy enough to support a percentage of the upper body weight, allowing your muscles to recuperate from the strain of carrying the entire load.

Benefits of Back Brace in Golfing

There are several advantages to wearing a sturdy back brace when golfing. In general, it is essential for golfers with chronic back pain to continue playing the game; when done appropriately, this may be an excellent form of exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are some benefits of wearing a back brace so that you can play golf without experiencing any discomfort.

  • It can improve your golf game by providing more back support, allowing you to withstand greater pressure.
  • Since the brace restricts some movements, the proper fit serves as a reminder to follow the limitations imposed by muscles.
  • Support for the lower back helps decrease overextending and severe rotational forces.
  • Greatly reduces stress from the force of the swing going straight onto the lower back.
  • When combined with stabilizing exercises, it can assist in the reduction of hypermobility.

How Can Golf Contribute to Your Back Pain?

The lower back is the most frequent area of injury and discomfort for many golfers. A repetitive activity like swinging or crouching down to lay tees strains the lower back, resulting in back pain. Muscle strains and disc strains may result if these pains are not managed. The majority of golfers report that their lower body rotation due to swinging the golf club is the source of their back problems. Here are several typical swing mistakes that might be the cause of your back discomfort.

Reverse Spine Angle: Many amateur golfers face a common swing problem known as the “reverse spine angle.” The upper body is bent backward during the backswing, indicating this swing problem. On the backswing, the golfer uses their back muscles to go into an extension, which directly affects the speed and intensity of stress the lumbar area will be subjected to on the downswing.

Early Extension: Early extension is the motion of the lower body toward the golf ball that occurs early in the downswing of the swing shot. A two-way miss is caused by your hands being behind your body, which pushes your chest to rise as you pass through the ball-hitting zone. The spine muscles become hyperactive, causing the spine to extend rapidly.

S-Posture: The S-posture is when the lower back curves excessively, exerts undue strain on these muscles, and leads the abdominals to relax. Back swinging with an incorrect spine angle is due to the weakening of the core muscles.

Follow Through: The golfer doesn’t withdraw his body from the trailside during the downswing or contact, which is why an excessive amount of tension is placed on the lower back. There is a lack of weight transfer from the top of the backswing through impact and into the finishing posture.

How Do I Protect My Back in Golf?

In the initial stages of golf-related back pain, there are techniques to prevent and manage these pains so that they don’t turn into more severe injuries. With a back brace, you’ll know exactly when and where to move your back. Many golf injuries develop from the wrong method of playing golf. Most amateur golfers nowadays encounter a lot of injuries and back issues due to these incorrect techniques. Therefore, we will show you 5 strategies on how to protect your back in golf.

  1. Warm up and stretch before playing.
  2. Minimize the stress on your back by using proper form.
  3. Broaden your front leg stance so that your hips can rotate more effortlessly.
  4. Shorten the backswing to minimize rotating and side-bending actions on the lower back.
  5. Stand close to the golf ball. This will result in a reduction in spinal flexion and rotation.
A golfer standing close to the golf ball


If you are dealing with constant back pain, you should consider using a back brace. You should not, however, quit playing golf unless you are in severe discomfort. Maintaining a healthy level of activity is essential throughout recuperation times. Back braces help you play golf without any back pain. In order to improve your golfing performance, you should consider investing in back braces.

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