Back Brace for Lower Back Pain

You don’t have to suffer the back pain in silence. There are plenty of back support belts that can help to relieve back pain and make living a little more pleasurable, whether you suffer from a mild but irritating pain that can prevent you from picking up things from the floor, or a more severe pain that can prevent you from getting up from bed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Back Support Belts

back brace for lower back pain

Do lower back support belts actually work? test

A back brace for lower back pain helps by providing extra support to your spine and muscles.

By maintaining proper posture, you can reduce pressure that places on your spinal nerves, muscles, and joints. You’ll also be able to enjoy life with less pain.

Having a waist support belt can help you go through your daily activities without putting any additional strain on your back. It might not be as sexy, but it can help. Especially with activities like bending and lifting.

But NEVER depend on your lumbar support back brace to improve your lifting and heaving capability

Is it OK to wear a back brace for work all day?

When it comes to back support belts, it’s important to know that they are not meant to be worn all the time.

There are various activities that are appropriate to wear a back brace for lifting, but wearing it for more than 8 hours per day is not advisable. Excessively using a back support belt for work could lead to your muscles becoming weak and atrophied.

Generally, a back brace for lower back pain is meant to be worn for a few hours each day. Talk to your doctor about how long each day you should wear your back support belt if you are not sure.


How to wear a back support belt?

Pull the tab on 2 ends of the adjustable back brace across your belly. When it meets the other end, fold the tab over the other end and connect the two ends together. Continue to make adjustments to the tightness and pressure as you need until the back support belt fits comfortably.

We suggest you wearing a shirt underneath your back brace for lower back pain to minimize skin irritation.

How tight should a back brace be?

When wearing a back brace for lower back pain, make sure you put it on whenever you need it – but if you can, try to wear it as infrequently as possible.

You should tighten the belt on your brace when you are about to take part in a strenuous activity but loosen it for breaks and lighter tasks.


What are the different types of back support belt?

Back braces are typically categorized as flexible, semi-rigid, or rigid.

Rigid braces are useful for moderate to severe cases of pain and/or instability, such as to assist healing of spinal fractures or after back surgery.

Semi-rigid and flexible braces are used for people with mild or moderate pain.

What are the best back braces for lower back pain?

The best back braces for lower back pain are those that provide ample support to your back.

The back brace should have adjustable compression straps so that you can adjust it to your preferred level of support.

The back support belt for lifting should be made of quality and breathable material to withstand wear and tear, and be comfortable on your waist.

Should you wear a back brace for lower back pain to bed?

The main problem with sleeping with a lower back support belt on is your back won’t be adjusted to the new sleep position that you may sleep in.

Your spine may not be properly aligned and your neck may not lie on the pillow in the proper position.

If this happens we would suggest getting a back support pillow for back pain.

How to choose the right size back brace for women and men?

For your perfect fit, stand relaxed and hold a measuring tape at your belly button. Wrap it around your back. Check the size table on the product page and choose the right size.

Contact us for an exchange if you choose the wrong size.

Need Help Deciding?

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