Lumbar Support Pillows

Back problems are among the most common problems people have.

People who have long hours at their desks are susceptible to back problems, so they need to do something about it!

Sitting for hours on end is agony for anyone who has back problems. When you’re sitting, your back is in a bad position, making it even more painful.

Thankfully, lumbar support cushions provide a simple, efficient solution to back pain.

Get a good lumbar support pillow so you can make your office chair, your couch, your car, your bed, or even an airplane seat significantly more comfortable.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lumbar Pillow for Back Pain

lumbar support pillow

Do lumbar support pillows really work?

Sitting in poor posture over time can lead to poor muscle support for your spine, which can cause back pain.

Pillows for back pain are designed to support the natural curvature of your spine and can decrease the strain on your lower back.

Where should I place a lumbar support pillow for office chair?

Arrange the lower back pillow vertically in the chair. This back pillow for chair needs to be in the lower part of your back to keep your spine and neck straight. Office chair back support cushions are often ergonimically designed to support your back. Sit in a chair with firm support for best results. 

To reduce pain when sitting for long periods of time, besides using a back cushion for chair, you can also put your feet on a stool.

What is the best lumbar support pillow?

What do the best lumbar suport pillows have in common?

Breathable Cover – Look for a back support cushion with a perforated or mesh design to provide added comfort. This will help with ventilation and help your back stay cool during long time sitting.

Firm Support – A back pain pillow should be comfortable and provide the right support to relieve pain, while being able to help you to remain sitting comfortably.

Adjustable Straps – If you are hoping to use your lumbar support cushion on different chairs or in various settings, such as office, home, car, commuting, or restaurants, make sure the pillow has adjustable straps.

Is lumbar pillow for back pain good while sleeping?

People who are lying down in bed often have a gap between lower back and the mattress. This condition can lead to trouble sleeping and discomfort and pain in the morning.

Lumbar support cushions help support the lower back while sleeping. This is a great pain relief method. It also helps people sleep better. Back pain can affect everyone. Many people may benefit from lumbar support pillows to help reduce back pain and improve sleep quality.

Is memory foam good for lumbar support?

The best lumbar support pillows are those that are made with therapeutic memory foam; memory foam lumbar support can conform to your body, but do not lose their shape over time. Memory foam back supports make the perfect blend of soft and firm support, making it perfect for every sitting and sleeping position.

How thick should a lumbar support pillow be?

As a general rule, a lumbar support pillow should be thick enough to fully stabilize your lumbar spine and provide support for your back. The best ones are about 4 inches thick in the center, but if they’re any thicker than 4 inches, you’ll likely experience pain throughout your lower back, not comfort.

How firm should a lumbar pillow for back pain be?

When selecting a lumbar support pillow for back pain, you need to look for one that is comfortable and firm enough to provide support for your lower back.

Memory foam lumbar support pillows are one of the best products for lumbar support, as they provide the right amount of cushioning and comfort but also contour to the shape of your body for extra support.

Should I use lumbar support pillow for car?

When a seat isn’t well designed, being in a car for a long period of time can be an uncomfortable experience.

Back cushion for car promotes good posture by supporting the natural curvature of the spine. The seatback bottom of a vehicle acts as a wedge between your back and the seat, helping to prevent your fragile lower back region from bearing the weight of your body.

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