12 Inches Hybrid Mattress, Pocket-Coil, Medium Firm


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Don’t settle for a mediocre sleeping experience. The 12″ Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress is designed to help you achieve total relaxation with intuitive spine-supportive contouring and motion isolation. This medium-firm mattress gives your body the right amount of support to your back without sinking or sagging.

  • Helps maintain the ideal sleeping posture
  • Cradles your back and supports your spine
  • Reduces stress and strains on your upper and lower body
  • Improved airflow keeps it cool and dry
  • Completely noiseless
  • Compatible with most bed frames
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  • Made for Zero Interruptions: With individual pocket spring coils, the hybrid mattress is ultra-quiet and unaffected by movement at the surface—this makes it a great option for people who easily get disturbed by the movements of their partners while they sleep.
  • Contoured Back Support: Firmer at the mid section and softer at the upper and lower sections, this hybrid mattress also helps regulate blood circulation in your back and prevent any aches and discomfort.
  • Superior Balanced Design: This motion isolation mattress features an anti-vibration layer that reduces the vibration caused by the springs and keeps the mattress balanced even as you twist and turn.
  • Sturdy Coil Edge System: Featuring reinforced coil edges, this memory foam mattress is much more durable, has better edge support, and gives you a larger sleeping area too.

Tips for Unpacking

① Place the mattress roll at one end of the bed frame.

② Cut the first plastic layer and roll it onto the frame with the opener.

③ Cut the second plastic layer(carefully).

④ Watch the mattress expand! 72 hours will be perfect.

⑤ Enjoy and sleep better. Good night!

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5 reviews for 12 Inches Hybrid Mattress, Pocket-Coil, Medium Firm

  1. Jane Patterson

    After using this mattress for a few days, I feel my sleeping quality has improved a lot. It is moderately soft,and i feel supportive to the waist when sleeping. When I woke up the next day, I felt so comfortable in my lower back.
    When I got the package, it was so convenient to unpack and snapped back quickly. And there is no smell on it! The mattress fits my bed so well, everything looks perfect. This is a recommended mattress, I have recommended it to my friends.

  2. Richard Powell

    I am always cautious about buying something like this online and after buying this, I was worried maybe I get it and I would have to return it. Boy was I wrong. This is an AMAZING bed mattress for massive value.

  3. Frank Griffin

    Due to work, I often have to change places. Every time I come to a new home, I buy some household items. In my previous purchase experience, I have never bought the right one for me. Since choosing this, I think it’s a perfect fit. I feel very relaxed sleeping on it. The mattress is compressed into a box. No odor after opening. A few hours later, it fully bounced. It’s so comfortable. My partner and I loved it so much.

  4. Lillian Hernandez

    In the current pandemic, we choose to buy mattresses online. I did a lot of research and decided on this. I have to admit, I was very sceptical that it came in the box. It arrived a day early and it was heavy! We put it in, opened the box on the bed frame, and opened the plastic wrap, and poof, it swelled. We left it for 1 day before putting the futon on and I never noticed the strong smell that others have mentioned. We put it in my son’s room and he said it was comfortable. This is a great value mattress.

  5. Emily Hughes

    The delivery is fast and does not require any installation. Just make sure to open the box in the bedroom and it will be very easy. About an hour after opening it has been fully restored. This mattress is by far the best I have ever slept on. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade their mattress! Love it!!!

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