12 Inches Hybrid Mattress in a Box with Pocket Spring, Medium Firm


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You deserve the most comfortable, uninterrupted sleep every single night. And with the 12 Inches Hybrid Mattress, you can get it too. Combining the customized support of coil springs and the cooling comfort of gel memory foam, this hybrid mattress ensures that your nightly slumber is better than ever!

  • Contours to your body’s curves for maximum comfort
  • Supports ideal spinal alignment
  • Dissipates body heat and stays breathable
  • Keeps your body in perfect balance
  • 4 layers of foam + pocket springs
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  • Contoured Support: The intuitive memory foam layer molds to the shape of your body offering custom support to your shoulders, lumbar region, and knees. This relieves unwanted pressure from your body, reduces pinched nerves, and maintains your sleep posture.
  • Motion Isolation: Our  12 inches Hybrid Mattress is built with pocket springs that are designed to move under your body weight independently. This allows the bed to stay balanced at all times, so you and your partner can experience undisturbed sleep.
  • Breathable and Cool: This gel memory foam mattress keeps you sweat-free and comfortable with a cooling gel foam layer that remains cool throughout the night and quickly dissipates your body heat. The breathable knitted fabric upper layer dries quickly, so you stay fresh all night.
  • Sturdy, durable design:The multi-layered design of this hybrid mattress in a box with a dense bottom layer ensures that it doesn’t sag or lose shape that easily. So you can enjoy years of great sleep with the 12 Inches Hybrid Mattress.

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5 reviews for 12 Inches Hybrid Mattress in a Box with Pocket Spring, Medium Firm

  1. Shirley Green

    Love this mattress!! I researched the different mattresses. Reviews, prices, longevity, durability and comfort. I have a lower back injury and a neck injury, so finding the right mattress in a bed in the box style was taking a chance that I could be in more pain from a mattress I didn’t try out in a showroom. The first night was rough, I think mostly because it wasn’t totally set, it had only been a couple of hours. But two weeks later and I sleep for longer than a couple of hours and wake up almost pain-free. It was definitely worth the research! I am a side sleeper and with the neck and back issues, I got a medium/firm. I don’t sink and get stuck into it, I can roll over without waking up and the top is soft enough I don’t get sore at the pressure points. If I need to buy another mattress it will be a lot easier and quicker next time!

  2. Diane Russell

    I never bought a bed in a box before, due to my beds always being handmade in furniture stores. I have a bad back and multiple injuries from a car accident I had a few years ago and so I needed something that’d relieve my pain/tension. Looking for how it works

  3. Janet Campbell

    This bed is amazing. I fall asleep so fast and feel well-rested in the morning. I used to wake up very sore with my old 10 yr old mattress, and now I wake up without any aches or pain. Great mattress to say the least. Happy with my purchase.

  4. Kenneth Gray

    Love Love Love this mattress! The most comfortable one I’ve ever owned, that’s including one I bought on sale for $500, this is so amazing, I woke up with no pain in my back this morning, first time in months!! I highly recommend this Brand!! Thanks

  5. Adam Miller

    If you sweat alot it is also not for you due to it keeping you warm. I like the mountains so it’s perfect for long cold winters. I can’t wait to put it on my frame.

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