Heavy Duty Doorway Pull Up & Chin Up Bar, No Screws & Drill Installation, 25 to 34 Inches Adjustable Width, Blue, Small Size, 2-Pack Fitness Equipment, S


(10 customer reviews)
  • [No Screws & Drilling, Easy Installation] Few minutes to have a professional gym at home. HealSmart pull up bar is designed with two high quality and thick silicone pad on both sides. The silicone pad can firmly stick on door wall without any screws and won’t fall down while using. More weight can make it more sturdy. HealSmart provide you a great support and safety pull up bar.
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  • [Safe Locking Mechanism]Unique mechanism lock make sure the pull up bar does not losing while training. Also, this pull up bar can keep your doorway and walls intact. HealSmart pull up can be use in you apartment, office, house or hotel. Any places can be your gym. Maximum loading capacity : 250lbs.
  • [Pull Up Bar Length Adjustable & Comfortable Hand-Grips] HealSmart pull up bar provide a length range from 25"~34". Door distance measurement is needed before purchase. Non-slip & long foam comfortable grips care you hand, It reduce the hand fatigue and pain.
  • [Versatile Uses in different ways and locations] HealSmart pull up bar is perfect for upper body strength. It can be used in pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, hanging leg raises, crunches and more different exercises. Home, office and school is your gym, HealSmart pull up bar is a must-own fitness equipment for everyone.

10 reviews for Heavy Duty Doorway Pull Up & Chin Up Bar, No Screws & Drill Installation, 25 to 34 Inches Adjustable Width, Blue, Small Size, 2-Pack Fitness Equipment, S

  1. Sarah Hall

    Works great

  2. Brenda Robinson

    It’s great, if you install it correctly

  3. Mary Hernandez

    It needs to be tightened up from time to time to make sure it’s secure, fell down today but unlike the other bar I used, this one didn’t fall on the head but rather slipped down along the door frame. Also, it does leave marks on the spots it’s installed. As with any other equipment, be careful.

  4. Janet Clark

    Good Sports Equipment that deserves investment when staying at home

  5. Rebecca Morris

    Responsive and responsible seller.

  6. Brian Bennett

    My husband bought the pull-up bar and let it sit around for three months before installing it. He finally gave it a try a couple of days ago because we are on our third week of shelter in place and he had time to get stuff done. The bar looks sturdy and is easy to install. However, our doorways all have decorative moulding and none of them is wide enough. So now I’m trying not to get mad at my husband for not installing it sooner and doing what looks like a waste of our money.

  7. Lori Bell

    Exactly what I was looking for

  8. Jack Rogers

    Durable and easy to install. Love it.

  9. Michael Williams

    A little more pricey but worth it

  10. Jose Cook

    Easy one time setup, sturdy and durable

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