Adjustable Dumbbells – Set of 2, Weight Range from 2.5 to 12.5lb Per Dumbbell, Easy-adjust


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You may feel like resting, but moving is good for your back. Exercises for lower back pain can strengthen back, stomach, and leg muscles. They help support your spine, relieving back pain.

Strengthening your back muscles is one way to help manage or even prevent nonspecific back pain and improve your range of motion. Everyone can do weight training whether you’re male or female, overweight or underweight, weight training is for all.

  • 5 different 10-pound weight increments
  • Weight range from 2.5-12.5 lbs per dumbbell
  • Easy-adjust design for quick weight adjustments
  • Anti-slip design ensures safer lifting
  • Perfect for beginners
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Wide Range of Weight Increments

If you’re looking to save space while still having access to a range of resistance levels, this adjustable dumbbell would be your best choice. This set of two dumbbells enables you to select different weight increments ranging from 2.5 to 12.5 pounds.

Easy to Adjust Design

The easy-adjust design makes switching resistance levels between exercises and sets quick and easy to do.

Storage Trays Included

Stay organized with intuitive storage trays that keep your weights off the floor.


Start with 5–10 minutes of moderate cardio to get your blood pumping and awaken your muscles.

Next, do a 5-minute dynamic stretching sequence to prep your back for targeted exercises. These exercises are a great starting point.

Remember, as you progress in these exercises, continue to challenge yourself by adding weight or resistance, but do so cautiously and stop if you ever experience any pain during a movement. If you have a history of back problems, consult your doctor or a physical therapist before proceeding.

5 reviews for Adjustable Dumbbells – Set of 2, Weight Range from 2.5 to 12.5lb Per Dumbbell, Easy-adjust

  1. Eric Stewart

    Easy to adjust, dependable, solid, high quality

  2. Billy Hill

    Great for small spaces!

  3. Patricia Gonzalez

    Great dumbbells

  4. Elizabeth Kelly

    A Great Workout Tool

  5. Adam Rivera

    Really studied up on these prior to ordering them and I was on the fence about the overall size. That being said they really are awesome! I do love these, I was scared because of how wide they are that I would not be able to do a few exercises but that has not been the case at all. They do tend to rock a little bit just because of the dimensions but it doesn’t affect my workout. I like dumbbells that are tight and don’t have a wiggle and these do have a little of that but again it is totally fine.

    Very good quality and easy to use.

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